Working with clients to reach their goals.

Navigating complex legal problems in a way that creates sense from apparent chaos.

Making the client’s cause his own.

For three decades, this has been Richard Hughes’ approach to the practice of law. Whether litigating a case, negotiating an agreement, closing a transaction, advising a utility or public entity, or protecting against legal challenges, this philosophy has been Richard L. Hughes’ fundamental basis for success.

Mr. Hughes, Principal at the Law Office of Richard L. Hughes PLLC, believes clients should be informed and included every step of the way in addressing their legal needs. This team approach means questions are answered, risks assessed, phone calls are returned, and decisions are made in a way that allows the best opportunity for a positive outcome. And whether representing an individual, a non-profit, public entity, utility, or a for-profit business, cost and efficiency are important.

Richard L. Hughes’ clients are represented in an assertive, professional, and exceedingly competent manner. No legal problem is too small or too large. If it’s important to the client it’s important to Mr. Hughes. If the magnitude of the legal issues warrants, we can draw on a network of experts who share the values of hard work, efficiency, and excellent service.

At the Law Office of Richard L. Hughes PLLC, excellence isn’t just an idea, it is the result of a professional background uniquely qualified to serve the client well. This arsenal of experience includes being a former partner in a 103 year old civil litigation firm where he handled hundreds of cases, a tenured college legal professor for 4 years, and General Counsel to a regional utility for 10 years.  Add to that experience as an arbitrator for several Superior Courts, the American Arbitration Association, and the National Association of Securities Dealers; an elected city council person; President of two local non-profit corporations; and author of several legal publications.

Richard L. Hughes was recently profiled in Lawyer Monthly, an international, London-based magazine.


Updated August 2021